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Embracing Change: My Journey from Assistant to Full-Time Colourist

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

full-time colourist

In the ever-evolving landscape of post-production, careers are not linear paths but intricate journeys filled with growth and discovery. My personal transition from being an edit assistant to stepping into the role of a full-fledged colourist embodies the spirit of persistence, seizing opportunities, and finding the right environment to flourish. This blog post narrates my professional transformation, tracing my experiences from The Farm Group to The Edit in Brighton, and highlights the pivotal role that seemingly small side projects played in shaping my path.

My Journey Begins at The Farm Group: Exploring New Horizons

My journey commenced at The Farm Group, a bustling post-production hub known for its involvement in high-profile projects. As an edit assistant, I had the chance to dive headfirst into the intricate workings of the industry. Working there exposed me to the value of collaboration, meticulous attention to detail, and the synchronisation of various roles that culminate in the final product. My tenure at The Farm Group provided me with a glimpse into the grandeur of large-scale projects and the intricate behind-the-scenes efforts that make them come alive on screen.

A Shift to The Edit in Brighton: Embracing New Challenges

The real turning point in my journey arrived with my transition to The Edit in Brighton. A smaller yet vibrant post-production facility, The Edit became the catalyst for my evolution into a dedicated colourist. The dynamic environment allowed me to take on a diverse range of responsibilities, immersing myself in all facets of post-production. Here, I was introduced to the art of colour grading, witnessing firsthand the transformative power that colours lend to visual storytelling.

Seizing Opportunities: The Influence of Side Projects

While my journey is a blend of experiences from both The Farm Group and The Edit, it was my initiative to engage in smaller colour grading side projects during my assistant days that truly accelerated my growth. These seemingly modest projects enriched my experience and broadened my skill set in profound ways. Through these ventures, I learned to navigate diverse styles, understand the nuanced art of colour manipulation, and cultivate confidence in my abilities as a colourist.

The Evolution of a Colourist: The Unfolding Journey

The shift from being an edit assistant to becoming a full-time colourist was marked by a continuous process of learning and exploration. My time at The Edit provided me with exposure to various dimensions of post-production, nurturing my passion for colour grading. I delved into the realm of colour theory, mastered the intricacies of grading tools, and honed techniques that allowed me to infuse emotions and depth into visual narratives.

Mapping My Path: A Patchwork of Valuable Lessons

My journey underscores the significance of embracing opportunities and charting a unique course. While my tenure at The Edit undoubtedly played a vital role in shaping my identity as a colourist, the side projects I took on during my days as an assistant also formed crucial puzzle pieces. These projects equipped me with practical experience, expanded my portfolio, and ultimately fortified my journey toward becoming a full-time colourist.

In Conclusion: Navigating the Spectrum of Growth

From my experiences at The Farm Group to my time spent in the closely-knit community at The Edit, my journey from an edit assistant to a full-time colourist has been a transformative voyage. My story serves as a testament to the power of determination, strategic side projects, and the profound lessons garnered along the way. As I continue to breathe life into narratives with the myriad hues of colour, I am reminded that the post-production realm is a vibrant canvas awaiting the artist's touch to craft stories that resonate with audiences across the globe.

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