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About Matt

Matt, a highly skilled freelance colourist based in London, Brighton, and Boston, is known for his exceptional talent and expertise. With a deep understanding of the power of colour in storytelling, he brings a wealth of experience gained from eight years in the post-production industry. Matt's approach to each project is driven by a desire to create a unique visual experience, working closely with clients to turn their vision into reality. Whether it's remote collaborations or in-person colour sessions, Matt is readily available to provide his exceptional services as a freelance colourist.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm here to explain:

What is the role of a Colour Grader?

If your film requires a specific visual aesthetic that cannot be achieved solely through in-camera techniques, the expertise of a freelance colourist becomes invaluable.

  • Do you envision deep, bold blacks and shadows, along with crisp, vibrant highlights?


  • Or perhaps you desire a more nuanced range of hues and a precisely balanced color palette?


  • Are there shots with incorrect exposure or imbalanced color, resulting in scenes that appear too warm or too cold?


  • Do you need to ensure consistent and cohesive skin tones across scenes and shots?


  • Are all the shots within a scene seamlessly harmonised, or do they feel disjointed?

All of these challenges can be effectively addressed through the professional colour correction and colour grading services offered by Matt, a freelance colourist.


Where is your studio?

My studio is specifically designed to facilitate remote colourist work. I have the capability to support projects from any location within the UK, as well as internationally.


Clients can submit video files using high-speed digital video transfer or securely send a hard drive via courier. Once the colour grading and colour correction process is complete, the final assets are delivered back to our clients either through secure online transfer o on a hard drive via courier.

Colour graded image by Matt I. Jones

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Happy Clients

Ariyan Alimadadi

"Matt is a superb Colourist from the experience working with him on some of our recent video productions. We highly recommend Matt Jones for a colouring service."


Thomas Jordan

Matt does an awesome job as a colorist. Would definitely work with him again in the future. He's a true professional at his craft and very easy to work with. He made my footage like 100x better! Thank you!


Let's have 
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Contact information

Freelance Colourist London 

Matt Jones, a skilled freelance colorist based in Brighton, delivers his exceptional services to clients in London, ensuring outstanding colour grading results for projects in the UK and globally.

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